Forms and Certifications

During registration, some forms will be acknowledged with a digital signature in TeamSnap.

Other forms and SafeSport Certification are required at various times of the year and are either online forms hosted by other organizations or PDF forms that need to be printed, signed, and emailed to the club at

In order to participate in practice, all student-athletes are required to complete and provide the following:

  1. Register
  2. FHSAA Physical Evaluation Form (EL2)
  3. City of Tampa Waiver
  4. SafeSport Certification
  5. HHSRC HHSRC Watersport Waiver, Certification and Release (complete during Registration)
  6. HHSRC Participation Policy (complete during Registration)
  7. HHSRC Transportation Policy

During on-line registration, you will be required to acknowledge that you agree to the Hillsborough High School Rowing Club 2023-2024 Participation Policy.


Parents fill out the Florida High School Athletic Association form and have the appropriate sections filled out by your primary care physician.  Plan ahead on this form as a doctor's visit is required.  It may be possible to get a physical at CVS, Publix, or Hillsborough County Back-2-School Health Clinics Days for physicals, routine Immunizations, Covid-19 vaccines for those who are 5-17 years of age, and shot record transfers.  Find more information here.

This only needs to be done once per year in the fall.

  • All crew members are required to fill out this form.
  • This form may be emailed to with the student-athlete's name in the subject line. It is due on the first day of practice or the first day of the two-week trial period.

There are inherent risks associated with watersports. This form is required and must be signed by parent and student-athletes.

Hillsborough High School Rowing Club (“HHSRC”) welcomes you and/or your rower to the program. A successful rowing team requires its rowers to practice together so that they learn to act as a single unit. Once the rowing lineup is established, one rower's absence will affect the line-up's practice and can affect their success. Rowers that miss practices due to a lack of transportation and other reasons and their line-ups do not perform as well as those that attend regularly.

Because our rowers succeed by attendance, HHSRC requires that rowers and their parents ensure that they have safe transportation available to them.

This form is required to be completed by all who will take part in carpooling from school to practice. Those that do not complete this form will not allowed to participate in carpools as a driver or a rider.

  • Each year, all student-athletes, novice, and varsity are required to complete a short SafeSport certification.
  • This certification is due by the first day of practice.
  • Hillsborough High School Rowing team requires all student-athletes to take a free, online SafeSport course SafeSport for Youth Athletes. This course will take approximately 20 minutes.
  • Upon the student-athlete's18th birthday, there is an additional required SafeSport training to be completed. Per USRowing 2023 SafeSport Policy, any member of USRowing who is a Relevant Adult Participant is required to complete the 90-minute SafeSport Trained course or one of it’s refreshers as applicable. 18 year old Student-Athletes will need to complete the 90-minute SafeSport Trained course to be compliant. For more information, check out USRowing website. (edited 2/21/23)


The City requires everyone who rows at Tampa River Center Boathouse at Julian B Lane Riverfront Park to fill out this waiver and release (2 pages).  Please print on one sheet of paper, front and back, to avoid pages becoming separated.  Student-athletes 18 and over can sign their own form while any student-athlete under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign.  The original signed document must be turned into the head coach at the boathouse.  Use the begin and end dates of the school year on the form.

  • All crew members are required to fill out this form.
  • This form is due the first day of practice or the first day of the two week trial period.

Please visit the US Rowing Membership web page and join as a basic member or renew your basic membership if you are already a member.  This waiver is valid for one year ending every December 31st.

This form is required to participate in regattas taking place at the Tampa Bypass Canal.

All crew members are required to fill out this form.

Please visit the NOARA Waiver web site to fill out your Florida Scholastic Rowing Association Waiver form.  This form is valid for one year expiring on June 30th.  Club/School is "HHS Rowing Club (Hillsborough)"

All crew members are required to fill out this form.

Documents for FSRA Regattas

Several compliance items must be provided for student-athletes in order for them to be eligible to participate in FSRA West District Championships, FSRA Sculling State Championships, and FSRA State Sweep Championships. Please email items to the club by Friday, 12/01/2023.

1. Current School Year Document: School ID or Recent Report Card. The document MUST include the following 3 details:

• Student-athlete name

• School name: Hillsborough High School, Florida Virtual, Hillsborough Virtual, or Hillsborough County Homeschool documentation

• AND the current grade level of the athlete. (8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th)

Please email one of these documents to the club and use the following format for the document name: lastname.firstname.SchoolDoc

2. Headshots for FSRA IDs: Dates will be advertised for headshots at practice. In the event the student-athlete is absent that day, please submit a picture of them with a blank wall behind them, with no sunglasses or hats on. Regarding glasses, if transitional lenses are worn, make sure there is no tint visible. If the tint is visible, take a picture with the glasses off. Please name the image lastname.firstname.Photo

If you have any questions, please contact any board member by email at  We welcome your input!

HHSRC is a non-profit 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Donations to the Club are tax-deductible under the IRS Code.