Fundraising Requirements

Member families, including those that receive scholarships, are expected to support fundraising events by participating, planning, and leading these efforts.  Member families understand the club dues only cover a portion of the operating expenses, and the club depends on fundraising throughout the year to cover regattas and operating expenses. Therefore, monies raised by fundraisers and corporate sponsorships/donations supplement operating funds. Each member family is responsible for raising at least $400 per year for the club. There will be numerous opportunities each season to achieve this goal, planned by our fundraising team, such as, our annual Erg-A-Thon, bingo night(s), wine tasting social, among other exciting events. Stay tuned for emails and opportunities to step forward with your commitment when events are announced. We are also always interested in what amazing talents your family can bring to the HHSRC. Any donations above the required minimum do not grant any additional or special status, privileges, or benefits to any member families or rower.

Corporate sponsorships and corporate donations secured for HHSRC do not preclude the family's annual fundraising goal of $400 per year.  Likewise, these corporate sponsorships and corporate donations, which are vital to our organization’s budget and are appreciated, are not linked to any one rower on HHSRC or member family and do not give special status, privileges, or benefits to any general member or rower.

We plan to hold monthly spirit nights on our calendar so that families have an opportunity to socialize and get to know one another, with a small portion coming back to HHSRC.  The club considers these spirit nights essential for team cohesiveness. However, as the fundraising portion of this activity is hard to track by family, spirit nights do not count towards the fundraising annual goal of $400 per family per year.

The HHS Rowing Club is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.