Strength Training with Coach Shawn join now (1)

Champions are made in the off season!

Summer Strength Training with Coach Shawn is open to current rowers only.

Session 2 starts July 6-July 29, $160 per rower.

Location: Boathouse

Time: 4 P.M.-6 P.M.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday only


Message from Coach Shawn: 

  1. Participation in the summer strength training program will allow the rowers to reach their maximum potential and teach them skills and techniques to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime. 
  2. In four weeks, strength can increase in the young athlete by as much as 25%. If all four athletes racing in a quad were 25% stronger, you add an extra person in strength to that boat without the added body weight. Think of how much faster the boat can move now! One of our girls missed out on reaching the national finals this year by .3 seconds. Most races are determined by 1-2 or 3 seconds. Strength training allows our rowers to be better prepared to overcome those odds. 
  3. Strength training allows our kids to be better prepared to overcome those odds. 
  4. The strength program will keep the kids active and motivated all summer and give them tremendous confidence going into the fall season. 
  5. If your rower has been actively participating in the strength training since October 2021, ask them how much weight they are lifting now due to their continued efforts.

Strength Session 2 Dates: July 6-July 29

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