The Importance of Alternates

Hi Team,

I wanted to take a moment to explain the critical importance of Alternates for both Sweep States & Nationals. Per the Rules of the Regattas, no substitutions can be made for lineups unless they are from a designated Alternate pool aligned with that crew. Also in the rules, only one event per athlete, whether they are an alternate for an event or in the race day lineup. Crews are allowed to change up to 50% of their lineup between States & Nationals, so long as the alternates were aligned with the crew when they qualified. For example this weekend at Sweep States the 8+, that's up to 4 people. For a 4+, up to 2 people. Allow me to say that the alternates are a CRITICAL part of the line-up's performance, and WE NEED YOU to keep coming to practices because you never know when you might be needed to fill the seat.

IT IS POSSIBLE for an alternate to be subbed in the boat on race day- should they be needed. Again, only if they are pre-aligned with the crew. For this race, I was required to enter alternates for the lineup as well as the race lineups.
So please, stay ready!

Also, if the crew qualifies for nationals, so do the alternates. Again, you could make the boat between now and then anyway, but even if you don't we still need you just in case someone falls ill on the journey. Teamwork makes the dream work! I also believe inter-team competition makes us all better.
Keep working hard, if you're not in the boat already, you may soon be!

Go Big Red!

Coach Andy