Hillsborough High School Rowing Club Rules and Standards


PLEASE READ AND KEEP FOR YOUR RECORDS  - During the TeamSnap on-line registration, you will be required to acknowledge that you agree to the HHSRC Rules and Standards of Behavior.

The companies and individuals that support the club with their time and resources, the HHS Rowing Club, Inc., and the school's administration, expect a high standard of behavior from the student-athletes. Therefore the students and parents are expected to act in a professional manner. The following standards of behavior are expected from anyone associated with the Club while at practice, at regattas, during Club travel, or any Club function, to ensure its success. 

  • All persons are expected to act in a courteous, respectful and responsible manner, with good sportsmanship and team spirit. Most important: when on water and docking in and out, only the coxswain and coach's voice should be heard. 
  •  Directions given by coaches and parent volunteers will be followed. The coach will make the final determination regarding the setting of boats and regatta participation. 
  • Prospective rowers must know how to swim prior to the initiation of training and must watch the US Rowing Safety Video. 
  • Students will be on time and attend their assigned practices. The coach must be notified ahead of time if an absence is necessary. Unexcused absences may affect a rower's seat or boat assignment. 
  • Sign-in and check-out procedures will be followed. Students are not to leave practice or a regatta site unless specifically approved by the coach and will advise parent/supervisor when leaving for any reason. Students will have reliable and timely pickup plans in order to not inconvenience coaches or supervisors. 
  • Students will remember that they are guests of the Julian B. Lane Tampa River Center and will not use other school or club boats, oars, or equipment. Club equipment will only be used with direct supervision and approval by the coaching staff. 
  • Students will wash and clean boats, oars, and equipment, and replace all equipment in the proper place after each rowing session. 
  • Student will advise the coaches or parent supervisors immediately if the equipment is damaged or has any loose parts (accidents do happen and need to be addressed as soon as possible). Irresponsible behavior is unacceptable while in the boats or on land. Students will be aware that they are using very expensive boats & equipment and will handle all equipment, and themselves, with great care. 
  • Students will assist in the preparation and breakdown before and after a regatta. Students will not leave a regatta until it is over, or when excused by the coach or board member in charge. 
  • Insofar as crew demands personal physical exertion and team co-operation, rowers and teammates will be expected to give their best efforts and attitudes, especially when that seems difficult. 
  • HHS Rowing Club requires that all athletes remain drug, alcohol, tobacco/nicotine and vape free while participating in the rowing club events and practices, including during travel and during boarding for such events.
  • Come prepared to row.