Hillsborough High School Rowing Club Participation Agreement



During the TeamSnap online registration, you will be required to acknowledge that you agree to the HHSRC Participation Agreement

Code of Conduct Agreement. ​The companies and individuals that support the club with their time and resources, the HHS Rowing Club, Inc., and the school’s administration expect a high standard of behavior from the student-athletes. Therefore students and parents are expected to act in a professional manner. The following standards of behavior are expected from anyone associated with the club while at practice, at regattas, during club travel, or any club function, to ensure its success.

The Board of HHS ROWING CLUB, INC., to ensure the success of the club, has approved these rules and standards of behavior. Any breach of these standards by a student may call for disciplinary action, which may include extra land training, not being allowed to practice, not being allowed to row in a regatta, suspension, and/or removal from the team.

  1. All persons are expected to act in a courteous, respectful, and responsible manner, with good sportsmanship and team spirit. Crew demands personal physical exertion and team cooperation. Students are expected to give their best efforts and attitudes. Irresponsible behavior is unacceptable while in the boats or on land.
  2. Directions given by coaches and parent volunteers will be followed. The coach will make the final determination regarding the setting of boats and regatta participation.
  3. Prospective rowers must participate in a swim test scheduled by the coach prior to the initiation of training.
  4. Students will be on time and attend their assigned practices. The coach must be notified ahead of time if an absence is necessary. Unexcused absences may affect a rower’s seat or boat assignment. Sign-in and check-out procedures will be followed. If a rower misses five consecutive practices without communicating with the coach or a board member, it will be deemed that the rower has quit, and the membership will be terminated. Under no circumstances are any dues refundable due to excessive absences. HHSRC is not responsible for transporting rowers to practice but will facilitate the organization of carpools to get rowers from the school to the boathouse. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child has transportation and you must be proactive in obtaining a ride if you need it.
  5. Students are not to leave practice or a regatta site unless specifically approved by the coach and will advise the parent supervisor when leaving for any reason. Students will have reliable and timely pickup plans in order to not inconvenience coaches.
  6. Students will remember that they are guests of Tampa River Center Boathouse and will not use other school or club boats, oars, or equipment. Club equipment will only be used with direct supervision and approval by the coaching staff.
  7. Students will wash and clean boats, oars, and equipment, and replace all equipment in the proper place after each rowing session.
  8. Students will advise the coaches or parent supervisor immediately if the equipment is damaged or has any loose parts to avoid damage or accidents.
  9. Students will advise the coaches or parent supervisor immediately if injured or ill.
  10. Students will be aware that they are using expensive boats and equipment and will handle all equipment with great care. When on water and docking in and out, only the coxswain and coach’s voices should be heard.
  11. Students will assist in the preparation and breakdown before and after a regatta.
  12. All rowers should arrive dressed for practice. There is no changing permitted in the Boathouse restrooms.
  13. Dress Code: Athletes must wear appropriate rowing attire at all times, NO underwear/items that look like underwear, sports bras, or bathing suits/ items that look like bathing suits, are allowed at any time. Girl's shorts must be 3-inch inseam minimum.

Financial Agreement

  1. Payment Due Dates.​ Members agree to pay dues according to the fee schedule. Prior to fee deadlines. If payment is not received on the due date, the member or financially responsible party has 72 hours to arrange payment with the club treasurer. After 72 hours, the rower will be considered inactive and not be allowed to participate in practice or competitions. A $25 assessment will be made on all fees received after the due date. Rowers cannot register for the following season until the previous season is paid in full.
  2. Refunds. ​ In order to allow for a trial period, refunds of club dues will be given to new members during the first two weeks of practice. If a student leaves the club during the season, the rower and his family agree to pay all fees for the entire season including the pro-rated buy-out amount for uncompleted volunteer hours.
  3. Scholarships.​ Scholarships may be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, all the initial fees to start on the team will not be covered by a scholarship. Contact hhsrowingclub@gmail.com for information before the end of the registration period.
  4. Fundraising.

Member families, including those that receive scholarships, are expected to support fundraising events by participating, planning, and leading these efforts.  Member families understand the club dues only cover a portion of the operating expenses, and the club depends on fundraising throughout the year to cover regattas and operating expenses. Therefore, monies raised by fundraisers and corporate sponsorships/donations supplement operating funds. Each member family is responsible for raising at least $400 per year for the club. There will be numerous opportunities each season to achieve this goal, planned by our fundraising team, such as, our annual Erg-A-Thon, bingo night(s), wine tasting social, among other exciting events. Stay tuned for emails and opportunities to step forward with your commitment when events are announced. We are also always interested in what amazing talents your family can bring to the HHSRC.

Any donations above the required minimum do not grant any additional or special status, privileges, or benefits to any member families or rower. Corporate sponsorships and corporate donations secured for HHSRC do not preclude the family's annual fundraising goal of $400 per year.  Likewise, these corporate sponsorships and corporate donations, which are vital to our organization’s budget and are appreciated, are not linked to any one rower on HHSRC or member family and do not give special status, privileges, or benefits to any general member or rower. 

We plan to hold monthly spirit nights on our calendar so that families have an opportunity to socialize and get to know one another, with a small portion coming back to HHSRC.  The club considers these spirit nights essential for team cohesiveness. However, as the fundraising portion of this activity is hard to track by family, spirit nights do not count towards the fundraising annual goal of $400 per family per year. 

The HHS Rowing Club is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.

Volunteer Hour Agreement.​ With the exception of the coaches, all other work (e.g., orientation, regatta setup and support, transporting boats, boat and boathouse maintenance, and chaperones) is derived from the committed volunteer hours of our club members.

  1. Fifteen hours.​ Each family agrees to a volunteer hourly commitment for the Fall/Spring season, or pay a buy-out fee. The rowers’ handbook list acceptable volunteer opportunities and the hours credited to each. It is the responsibility of the rower and family to make sure that all volunteer hours are correctly accounted for on the website.
  2. Buy-out Fee.​ A family may opt-out of volunteer hours by paying the buy-out fee per season. This equates to $15 for each required volunteer hour.
  3. Deficit Fee.​ Families not meeting the volunteer hourly commitment by the posted deadline (usually 2 weeks before the end of each season) will be assessed the pro-rated fee at $15 per hour for any deficit.