P3 Flyer Fundraiser 32424 (8 × 2 in)

The Second Annual P3 Challenge [P3 = Power, Pledge, Performance]


9 AM-Noon

Student-Athletes! Are you ready to showcase your conditioning progression, skills, and strength? Join Coach Shawn in the second annual Lift-A-Thon Challenge Fundraiser for the club!

All student-athletes will have three attempts at three different exercises to make a maximum lift: Power Cleans, Front Squats, and Push Presses. Then, the three lifts will be combined to determine the maximum total lift. This is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourselves and for your family to see how hard you have been working and how strong you have become!

Please let us know if you will attend by March 14. Sign up here.

Sign up to bring healthy snacks here. Student-athletes can earn creative CAS/Bright Futures hours by making a homemade snack.

Pledge Form Sponsors may pledge a flat donation or a set dollar amount per pound. Example: .25 cents per pound, athlete lifts total of 400lbs (400lbs x .25= $100 donation) Thank you for supporting our team. 

Instructions List name/phone # of sponsor, amount per pound that they will pledge (.01 cents , 5 cents ,$1.00 etc.) Once Athlete performs and records their total weight, that number will be placed in the "Athlete total weight lifted" box and then the total dollar amount pledge is calculated and placed in its appropriate box.

Please download and print this pledge form. ALL PLEDGE MONEY AND FORMS MUST BE TURNED INTO COACH SHAWN BY March 29, 2024.

We need your help in meeting our fundraising goals! All proceeds will be used for HHSRC operating expenses and to fund equipment that will help us remain competitive as a team and improve the experience of our student-athletes! Contact hhsrowingclub@gmail.com with any questions.

HHSRC is a non-profit 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations to the Club are tax-deductible under the IRS Code.

Donations can be paid via PayPal here and make sure you add the student-athlete's name you are supporting. Checks made payable to HHSRC and cash are also accepted. All donations are due 3/29/24.