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Meet our Coaches and our Varsity Athletes! Experience the sport of rowing!

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Hillsborough High School Rowing Club (HHSRC) welcomes you to our FREE Learn to Row Open House, designed to introduce students to the sport of rowing and to experience the excitement and benefits of this unique water-based sport. After attending a session, we hope you will want to get into the sport or join our team* and attend one of our Learn to Row summer camps**!

Rowing, also known as crew, is a sport of racing boats using oars and differs from other paddling sports, as the oars are connected to the boat using oarlocks. Rowing has two disciplines: sculling and sweep rowing. Sculling requires the rower to hold an oar in each hand, while sweep rowing requires the rower to hold one oar with both hands, like sweeping the floor. Competitive rowing can be traced to the early 17th century when professional river workers held races (regattas) on the River Thames in London, England. Approximately 150 countries participate in the sport.

HHSRC practices at the Tampa River Center Boathouse, located at 402 W Laurel St. Tampa, FL 33607, in Julian B. Lane Park and rows on the Hillsborough River. It is a short walk to Armature Works and is part of the Tampa Riverwalk. 

The Learn to Row Open House sessions are lead by our Head Coach and Novice Coach and will cover a short introduction to the sport of rowing, a tour of the boathouse, and offer an opportunity to learn proper techniques and experience the following:

  • The erg rowing machine and understanding the metrics displayed
  • Dock rowing while the boat is half on the dock and half in the water
  • Water rowing on the Hillsborough River

Learn to Row Open House Dates and Times:

January 6, 2024 10:45 AM-Noon

February 10, 2024 10:45 AM-Noon

March 30, 2024 10:45 AM-Noon

May 11, 2024 10:45 AM-Noon

What to bring: Participants should bring a hat, refillable water bottle, wear sunscreen, athletic gear and running shoes. No loose fitting clothing that could get caught in the rolling boat seats.

Please follow the directions below to sign up for the Learn to Row Open House, which is limited to 16 registrants each session. Please contact us at hhsrowingclub@gmail.com with any questions.

*Team Membership: To join the HHSRC team during the fall and spring seasons and to comply with FSRA (Florida Scholastic Rowing Association) requirements, the participant must reside in Hillsborough County and be one of the following:
• a Hillsborough High School student
• a middle school student
• a virtual or homeschooled high school student
• a virtual or homeschooled middle school student

Summer Learn to Row Camps are open to ALL middle and high school students, regardless of the county residence or school attended. Participating in Learn to Row Summer Camps is not a commitment to join the team. Please find out more about our Summer Learn to Row Camps here.

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BEFORE YOU START THE REGISTRATION PROCESS, Please complete the following required items. You will be asked to upload the items during the registration process. Please contact the club if you encounter any issues.

  1. Please download the City of Tampa Waiver. Complete the waiver, scan and name in the following format: lastname.firstname.COT. This parent signed policy is required when registering. se the begin and end dates of the Learn To Row Session you are participating in. You will asked to upload this document during the registration process.
  2. Please download and complete the Watersport Waiver. Please name this document in the following format: lastname.firstname.Water. This signed policy, by parent and student-athlete, is required when registering. You will asked to upload this document during the registration process.