Boathouse Scrimmage 9/17/22

Coach Tate has asked that all rowers arrive at the Boathouse no later than 6:30 AM. Dismissal will be at 11 AM.

Best place to view the scrimmage: Parents can watch rowers launch and return to the Boathouse. However, the race itself cannot be viewed from the Boathouse. The best places to watch the race are along the race course (attached to this email), or find us on Channel Drive on Davis Island! Look for our flag (🇹🇹 Map Below). We plan to be on the stretch close to the baseball fields, between Barbados and Biscayne. 

What to Bring: A chair and binoculars

Race Schedule: 

WN8+ - 7:55am 

MV4x - 8:30am 

MF8+ - 8:50am 

MV2x - 9:05am 

WV4x - 9:20am 

MV4+ - 9:40am 

WV4+ - 10:10am