Boathouse Scrimmage 3/25/23

Hosted by Team Tampa.

When: Saturday, 3/25/2023

Where: Tampa River Center at Julian B. Lane Park

Required Waivers: City of Tampa Waiver

Student-Athlete Arrival Time: 6:30 AM 

Race Times and Boat Assignments: Times are tentative and subject to change without notice. Find the lineup here.

Best place to view the scrimmage: Parents can watch rowers launch and return to the Boathouse. However, the race itself cannot be viewed from the Boathouse. The best places to watch the race are along the race course of Seddon Channel, or find us on Channel Drive on Davis Island! We plan to be on the stretch close to the baseball fields, between Barbados and Biscayne. See map below.

What to Bring: A chair, sunscreen and binoculars