Summer 2018 Learn to Row Registration

Open to all Middle School and High School boys and girls.  No Experience needed.  Learn a new sport, stay fit and have fun!

Limited to 16 rowers per session.

Session 1: June 11th to June 22nd

Session 2: July 9th to July 20th

8:30 am to 11:30 am Monday though Friday.  Weekends off.

Camps will be held at the brand new City of Tampa Boathouse at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park.


$225 per session, per rower (second session is 1/2 price for rowers attending both sessions, use check out code BIG RED)

$25 Non-refundable registration fee.

Due to water safety rules and progression of the camp, all rowers must attend both weeks of the session chosen.

Learn to Row Camp is sponsored by Hillsborough Rowing Club and will be coached by the HHSRC coaching staff, and existing high school rowers will be on hand to assist.

Welcome to the HHSRC Learn to Row Camp!

Because the registration process will require you to upload your notarized Emergency Medical Release form, we recommend that you complete the Emergency Medical Release form prior to clicking on the registration links below.  If you need help scanning and uploading the form, please send an email to

Learn to Row Camp Registration - Session One

27 spots filled 0 spots open  Closed
Opens:   March 01, 2018  12:00 am
Closes:   June 10, 2018  12:00 am

Learn to Row Camp Registration - Session Two

22 spots filled 2 spots open  Open
Opens:   March 01, 2018  12:00 am
Closes:   July 05, 2018  10:00 pm

Registration Instructions

When clicking on the registration links above, you will be transferred to the HHSRC TeamSnap site that manages Crew on-line registration.  At this point you will be asked to login to your existing TeamSnap account and complete the registration process for your rower.  If this is the first time you are registering on TeamSnap, you will first be asked to create your new account and enter all the parent/guardian information before registering your rower.

Detail Step

Step One

Current TeamSnap users may select Add Existing Participant if you’ve previously added your student athlete to your account.  Otherwise, select Add New Participant and complete the section.  Optional fields include known allergies, medical conditions and medications and/or supplements.  Required information is denoted with a red asterisk.  This step may be repeated to add additional participants.

Step Two

Enter Parent/Guardian information and Emergency Contact information.  Required fields include physician name and number, and health insurance name, group number and policy number.  If a rower attends both session one and session two of the 2018 Learn to Row Camps, the second session is half price.  If applicable, enter BIG RED in the Discount Code field of the Additional Parent Info section to take advantage of that discount.

Step Three

Please indicate if you would or would not like to hide all contact information from teammates.  TeamSnap can share contact information with other HHSRC Learn to Row session registrants.

Step Four - Releases and Waivers

  1. A notarized Emergency Medical Release form must be downloaded, notarized and uploaded for each participant.
  2. Please indicate that you agree to the HHSRC Rules and Standards of Behavior and Participation Agreement by entering your initials.  The TeamSnap registration system provides the complete texts of both, but you can also download and read them separately.
  3. Please indicate if you wish to allow HHSRC to use you and your rower’s images for appropriate purposes.  The TeamSnap registration system provides the complete text of the release.

Step Five - Fees - Select the Registration Fee and Learn to Row Camp Fee

If a rower attends both Session One and Session Two of the 2018 Learn to Row Camps, the second session is half price and the registration fee for the second session is waived.  Please select both Registration Fee and Learn to Row Camp Fee and continue with the registration process.  Because you entered the Discount Code BIG RED, the TeamSnap system will make the adjustment and show you the adjustment prior to checkout.  If you do not see the discount prior to check out, go back to the Additional Parent Info section and enter the code.

Step 6 - Payment

There are three ways to make payments.  You may pay with your credit card, straight from your bank account via ACH (Automated Clearing House), or offline by mailing us a check.

Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park

1001 North Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606

Our Boathouse!

If you have any questions, please contact any board member by email at  We welcome your input!