HHS Rowing Fall Registration

Open to all Hillsborough High School boys and girls!  No experience needed!  Learn to row with daily practices and fall regattas.

First Day of Practice: August 10th

Last Day of Practice: December 21st

Weekday Practice Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday immediately after school until 6 pm

Weekend Practice Days: Saturday mornings from 7:30 am until 10:30 am

Practice Location: Julian B. Lane Riverfront Boathouse

Cost for the Fall Season:

There are several payment options:

  • Payment in Full
  • Installments
  • Scholarship
  • Two Week Trial

The cost of paying in full is $850 and is due at the checkout of this online registration.  Note the $50 savings over the installment plan!

The installment plan is a total of $900 paid on the following three dates:

  • August 24th
  • September 28th
  • October 26th

Note: Your credit card or bank account, depending on how you decide to pay will be automatically debited or drafted on the above dates.

There is also a $25 non-refundable registration fee, regardless of the payment option chosen.

Only choose Scholarship payment plan if you have been awarded a crew scholarship by the HHSRC Board of Directors.

Two Week Trial

If you would like to sign up for crew but not commit right away, choose this payment plan.  You will only be charged the $25 registration fee at registration check out.  Once you decide to continue, we will invoice you separately.

Out of State/Overnight Regattas

Costs for major out-of-state/overnight regattas are not included in semester fees. Our team will travel to Chattanooga, TN for the Head of the Hooch Regatta in the Fall Semester.  There will be a separate fee of $250 to cover regatta registration fees, hotel for rowers, shell and equipment transportation, coaches' travel expenses and other miscellaneous costs associated with a travel regatta.

In State/Long Distance Regattas

Costs for regular regattas, that are a bit farther way, but still in State, are not included in semester fees.  Our team (varsity only) will travel to Jacksonville, FL for the First Coast Head Race in the Fall Semester.  If parents and rowers wish to travel the day before and stay at a hotel, they are free to do so at their own expense.


Uniforms are purchased at the beginning of the Fall Season.  Returning rowers have the option of using the previous year uniform.  Uniforms cost $85.  All rowers will be measured for uniforms at the same time so one order can be placed.  Uniforms are required to race at any sanctioned rowing event.

Scholastic National Championships

Rowers qualifying for SRAA Rowing National Championships will have the opportunity to travel to that regatta with the team in the Spring Semester.  Only rowers qualifying for and participating in National Championships need to pay this fee.  That fee will be determined at that time, but is typically $300.

Registration Deadline

While the Official Fall Registration deadline has passed, we are always willing to consider late joiners.  If you have been hearing how fun Crew is at school and you think you missed out, it's not too late!  You can go ahead and register and simply show up at practice to get started.  Also send an email to hhsrowingclub@gmail.com and let Mike know you just registered.  You can also call 863-825-6025 and talks to Steve about your particular situation.

Registration Forms

Registration requires that you complete and upload several documents: Emergency Medical Release, FHSAA Physical Evaluation Form.

These documents must be downloaded, filled out, scanned, and saved as a PDF file before you start this registration process.

Need a quick and easy way to scan documents direct to PDF?  This c|net article can help!

Must be notarized before scanning.

Must be signed by a physician before scanning.

This can be your primary care provider or any clinic or pharmacy that has physician services.

Registration Waivers

Registration also requires that you electronically sign the following organizations waivers: US Rowing waiver, NOARA waiver and TBCRC waiver.

Basic Membership

Club Name: HHS Rowing Club

Club Code: 6QJ9M

Swim Test

Since rowing is a water sport, rowers must demonstrate basic swim skills in front of  a certified life guard at some point during the first few weeks of practice.  Rowers only need to do this once.  If a rower passes a swim test during a HHSRC Learn to Row camp, or is a returning rower, he or she does not need to be tested again.  Emails will be sent to all participants with information about the swim test during the first week of regular practice.

Register Now!

To begin the on-line registration process and save your spot on HHS Crew, click the Register Now button below!

In order to take advantage of the Two Week Trial, you must choose installment payments when filling out the registration form.  You will only be required to pay the $25 Registration fee.  If your rower decides to not stick with rowing, you will not be responsible for the remaining installments.  Send an email to hhsrowingclub@gmail.com and let Amy know, and she will cancel all remaining payments.


If you have any questions, please contact any board member by email at hhsrowingclub@gmail.com.  We welcome your input!