Finding Medal Count for Rowers

Here is the way to find your rower's medal count:

  1. Use Regatta Central link for HHSRC:
  2. Click on Regattas Attended
  3. Click on year and follow link to each regatta.
  4. Click on “Clubs” link on left side of page and click on HHS Rowing Club
  5. Identify races in which your rower is listed.  A few races may not list names and you will have to ask rower what they rowed or check old emails with lineups.
  6. Click on “Results” link on left side of page and follow link to see results
  7. For “head” races see where club placed to determine medal.
  8. For “Sprints” determine if there was a single race or if club advanced to finals (e.g. districts or state championship) to determine medal.