HHSRC Location

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*6/1/16 *Temporary - HHSRC Boathouse

Rivercrest Park

4802 N River Blvd
Tampa, FL  33603

Boathouse location (original)

Julian Lane Riverfront Park

1111 North Boulevard
Tampa, FL  33607

Boathouse Parking: The Julian Lane Riverfront Park parking lot is closed for a city construction project.  There is a new parking lot on Laurel Street just north of the park.  It is so new that it is not visible on any map yet.  The lot is inside a gated fence on the south side of Laurel Street.  Laurel is a one way road.  You must turn onto Laurel Street from North Boulevard.

Hillsborough High School

5000 Central Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603

Loretta Ingraham Center

Swim Test Location
1611 N. Hubert Ave
Tampa, FL 33607

Regatta Locations

Tampa Bypass Canal, Tampa, FL

Harbour Island, Tampa, FL

Turkey Lake, Orlando, FL

Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL

Head of the Hooch, Tennessee River, Chattanooga, TN

Head of the South, Savanna River, Augusta, GA

Leader of the Lake, Clermont, FL