YMCA Recruitment

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 YMCA Recruitment
Date:Saturday, August 15, 2015
Time:9:00am to 12:00pm
Location:Bob Sierra Youth and Family Center
Category:Crew Event
DetailsBy: scboyce on 8/10/2015 

 Event Details

Each year the club has a tremendous opportunity to recruit new rowers at the Bob Sierra YMCA, during the HHS IB Freshman Class Orientation on Saturday morning, Aug 15.

We want this year to be the best ever! We will have boats and ergs on display, flag banners and the hospitality tent. Rowers will be giving out flyers, cards for two week free trials, tattoos, and ice cold bottles of water to the freshman and their families.

MANDATORY PARTICIPATION BY ALL RETURNING ROWERS is expected. Parent volunteers are also encouraged to participate.

All rowers should wear their HHSRC shirts to show the club’s visibility at the event. You will be asked to “Meet and Great” freshman and their parents. We are proud of YOU and want you to answer their questions and share your experiences.

Venue: The event is at the Bob Sierra Youth and Family center and Aquatic complex behind Gaither High School.

Time: All returning rowers are requested to be at the YMCA at 9 AM. We should finish by 1 PM. The freshman orientation is from 9-12AM.

Feel free to bring a chair and or a blanket.

Go Big Red!

Steve Boyce
Hillsborough High School Rowing Club